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For any other question, you can get in touch with us phoning at +34 972 54 20 20, at 669 579 105 or sending an e-mail to We will answer you as fast as possible.

We adapt to you!

Bearing in mind the current situation, Bassegoda Park we want to make things easier for you: book your holidays or getaway with us, and you can change or cancel them,  without any obligation, until 24 hours before your arrival. Do not worry!

From Bassegoda Park, we have taken a group of measures in order to guarantee our visitor’s safety, following the Spanish Ministry of Health recommendations.

  1. We have elaborated, in collaboration with our Mutual Insurance Company for Occupational Hazards, a Contingency Plan for Covid-19.
  2. We have elaborated a working protocol for each department, in order to mitigate the contagion risk.
  3. We have trained the campsite’s staff and given everyone Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  4. We have installed hydrogel dispensers in all campsite common areas.
  5. We have created markers, together with the Girona Campings Association, which recommends good practices to our customers in every place of our facilities.
  6. We have set up the Bassegoda Park’s app to make easier any communication with reception.
  7. We have set up an express check-in system, so our guests can give all of their data before arriving at the campsite.
  8. We have maximized all hygienic and disinfection measures.

Bassegoda Park has a firm commitment of guaranteeing all people’s safety. The current restrictions may vary for better or worse, depending on the pandemic progress and health authorities’ advices.

Yes, we will continue to have a complete entertainment program for adults children and adults. But, in order to guarantee everyone’s safety in terms of Covid-19, the following measures will be set up:

  • The entertainment program will be mostly outdoors.
  • The Bassi Club (Mini Club) and all directed activities will have a limited capacity, restricted to what competent authorities advice.
  • All children must be accompanied by an adult from the same family unit.
  • All children must bring a case with his/her own material (at their will), in order to avoid sharing material.
  • In case of practicing Pilates or yoga, all participants must bring their own yoga mats.
  • Masks’ use is obligatory.
  • We will design an entertainment program to allow, most of the day, doing activities which keep the 2 meters safety distance. They will also be activities without any physical contact por shared material.

Yes, you can change or cancel your booked holidays until 24 hours before your arrival, and you will get 100% of the money back from your token payment, excluding management costs.

If you decide to postpone your booking, we will keep your token payment for a future stay within 12 months counting from the date you would have arrived at Bassegoda Park.

We will thank, if you have to postpone a stay, that you inform us as fast as possible, so we can rent your accommodation again.

Please read this document carefully as it conveys the recommendations to be followed on the Campsite to minimize the hygienic-sanitary risks caused by the Covid-19 virus, without prejudice to current legislation.

By accessing our facilities, you expressly agree to comply with the rules, as well as the security rules you will find in this document. It also acknowledges that the health prevention and safety measures carried out by Camping Bassegoda S.L. are sufficient and relieves the company of all liability for contagion of Covid-19 both for you and for the other companions of your reservation.

This document can be updated as the alarm state or the new normality evolves.



In the current context, caused by COVID-19, our main concern is to prevent the risk of infection both for you and your companions, as well as for the workers of the campsite, while allowing to enjoy your experience in our campsite and its surroundings.

In order to do this, we have drawn up a contingency plan and have developed specific protocols for each job (reception, maintenance, cleaning, animation, etc.) considering the guidelines set by:

- The Ministry of Health of the Spanish Government.

- The ICT (Spanish Institute of Tourist Quality).

- The advice of our occupational risk insurance company.

- The Generalitat de Catalunya laws.

In addition, our staff, depending on their job, has, among others:

- Personal protective equipment (PPE): FFP2 masks, gloves, face shield.

- Specific training based on:

- The use of PPE.

- Training on how to properly use cleaning and disinfection products (for all their working tasks).

- Preventive maintenance plans.




Online express check-in: in order to reduce the check-in time at reception, we have enabled an online express check-in so that, when you arrive at the campsite, we will already have all your data. At least 48 hours before your arrival, you will receive a link by e-mail, WhatsApp or SMS, which will prompt you a formulary. Please fill all the required fields. This applies both to the owner of the reservation and to all companions. At this point you will have the opportunity to choose between making payment of your entire stay or to pay when you arrive at the campsite.

Camping app: we recommend to install the Bassegoda Park app before you arrive at the campsite. In this app, you will find all the necessary information about the campsite and its surroundings. The app will be a tool that allows continuous communication with reception.

Temperature control: before coming to the campsite, all guests must take their temperature. If you have a temperature equal to or higher than 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 F) and / or any other symptom compatible with Covid-19, please contact the health authorities who will inform you of how to proceed. If you must cancel your stay, even if the cancellation is made less than 24 hours in advance, the amount already paid in advance of your arrival will be fully refunded.



Please respect and comply with the instructions set out in the billboards distributed by our facilities and follow the instructions contained there and those of our staff. We will avoid, as far as possible, trips to reception and we will try to stay there as little time as possible. For the safety of everyone at reception:

- We have installed protective screens.

- You will find disinfectant gel at your disposal.

- Maximum capacity: 2 customers.

- In case there is someone inside, wait your turn outside reception respecting the safety distance marked on the ground.

- The keys to the bungalows and all rental equipment (bicycles, mini golf clubs, etc.) will be disinfected after their use.

- We have enabled two different tickets at reception:

Outside counter: customers who have done the online express check-in.

Inside counter: Guests without prior reservation or who have not done the online express check-in.

In both cases, only one person must enter the reception carrying the documentation of his/her companion/s.


As far as possible, please make your payments by contactless card. If the card is not contactless, the dial machine will be disinfected after each use. Remember that you can pay for your entire stay prior to arrival using the online express check-in.

Check-in & check-out times: the check-in and check-out times of the accommodation and the pitches indicated in your reservation must be followed (bungalows: entrance starting at 5pm, the check-out must not be later than 11am. Plots and area camping: entrance starting at 1pm; departure must not be later than 12h at midday) to ensure the necessary cleaning and disinfection. If you arrive earlier, you must park your vehicle at the parking outside the campsite. In case you bring food and need a fridge for it, we have some for rental at reception.

We have removed any information brochure from our facilities: maps, excursions, recommendations... If you are interested in obtaining one, you can request it from the reception staff. Please remind that you have all the tourist information at your disposal in the Bassegoda Park app.

Wifi: Login in to BASSEGODA network. It is for free.



- Avoid greeting with physical contact, both staff and other customers.

- Throw any personal hygiene waste –especially disposable handkerchiefs– immediately to the trash bins.

- Wash your hands thoroughly often, especially after sneezing, coughing, or touching potentially contaminated surfaces.

- Please use the hydroalcoholic solution dispensers that you will find on many locations at the campsite.

- Respect the safety distance marked by the health authorities and avoid congestion.

-Use face mask in all common areas of the campsite.

In case of feeling sick during you stay, it is very important that you let us know immediately at reception via WhatsApp at +34 669 579 105 or by calling +34 972 54 20 20. These same phone numbers can be used to avoid having to go to reception, in case you need medical assistance, timetable information, extension of your stay, maintenance service, etc.

Human and material resources have been assigned (Room Prevention Equipment, masks, gloves, hydroalcoholic gel, screens), as well as action protocols in case that any employee or customer shows any symptoms compatible with Covid-19.



- Respect the indicator signs (maximum capacity, safety distance, use of mask...).

- You will find disinfectant gel at your disposal.

- Everyone must wear a mask.

- The use of appropriate footwear for showers is recommended.

- Wait your turn keeping the safety distance and do not stay inside them while they are busy.

- We have disabled some toilets, sinks and washbasins to ensure safe distance.

- We have increased their cleaning frequency and disinfection.

- Only guests who do not have a toilet or shower in their accommodation will be able to use the public toilets.



- Normal schedule is resumed (June and September: from 10 am to 7 pm; July and August: from 9 am to 9 pm). In addition, it will also be open on Mondays from 9:30 pm to 11 pm.

- Please comply with the signal signs (maximum capacity, safety distance, ...).

An entrance door and an exit door have been enabled.

- Limited capacity depending on what the authorities mark at any given time.

- Bassegoda Park reserves the right to enforce customers to take turns if necessary, so all guests can use the pool.

- At the entrance, you will find both hydroalcoholic gel and a disinfectant mat for the soles of shoes. Use of both items is mandatory.

- The safety distance of 1.5 meters between sunbeds or towels of different groups of cohabitants must be kept.

- All personal items (towels, creams, bags, shoes ...) must remain within the stipulated security perimeter, avoiding contact with other users.

- The entire pool area (showers, pushbuttons, railings...) will be disinfected regularly, as well as the sunbeds, that will be disinfected after each use.

- The lifeguard will ensure your safety and the compliance of the rules.



- We will continue to have a full entertainment program for customers of all ages.

- At the entrance of the Bassi Club (Miniclub) you will find hydroalcoholic gel to disinfect your hands on entering.

- Both for the activities carried out inside the Bassi Club, and outdoors, the use of mask will be mandatory by those over 6 years old, and recommended for children from 3 to 6 years. For the same reasons, it is very important that each client (adults and children) brings his/her own masks to the campsite. If necessary, we have masks for sale at your disposal at reception and in the supermarket.

- In all activities, indoor and outdoor, children must be accompanied by a responsible adult from the same family unit (maximum one), who will ensure that the child maintains the established safety measures.

- Entertainment activities, both inside the Bassi Club and outdoors, will have a maximum capacity of 20 people.

- The entertainment program will be mostly outdoors, as long as the weather allows it. The activities will be designed to maintain the maximum distance of safety and avoid contact or shared material.

- To take part in the children's activities, workshops and / or crafts, all children must bring a case from home with all material they think should be necessary (pencils, crayons, waxes, markers, glue, scissors, rubber erasers, razors, etc.).

- Under no circumstances will children from different groups of cohabitants be able to share material, or will the campsite offer this type of material. If necessary, you can buy it at the camping supermarket.

If you want to participate in yoga or pilates sessions, each user must use his/her own mat.


We wish you a happy stay! We will be glad to help you for anything you need.

Last update: 22/02/2021


From Grup Samuga (which restaurant Agumas belongs to), we want you to feel at home; that is why we have elaborated our Covid-19 protocol for our restaurants.

Yes, it will be open in its usual schedule, taking the measures recommended from the Spanish Ministry of Health.

At Grup Samuga, we are well aware of the new situation we are living in. That is why you will find hydroalcoholic gel with an automatic dispenser at your disposal. Also, we have redistributed our tables to a safe 2 meters minimum distance each (with 6 people maximum on each table), and we have put a disinfectant carpet at the entrance of our restaurant.

Following the Spanish Ministry of Health recommendations, you will be able to check the menu using your phones, via QR code.

We have set up an internal protocol for disinfecting common zones more than usual, due to guarantee our customers’ safety.

Yes, it will be open in its usual schedule, following the measures recommended by the Spanish Ministry of Health.

Our customers will have at their disposal hydroalcoholic gel and gloves at the supermarket’s entrance.

Yes, in our supermarket you can find small size hydroalcoholic gels, masks, gloves and bleach.


For any other question or clarification, please contact us on or phoning at 659 071 259, and we will diligently answer you.

Last update: 22/02/2021