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Article 1. Everyone who signs in and accesses the Campsite will be bound to comply with these regulations and other provisions provided in the current legislation. (Art. 31 Llei 13/2002)

All provisions specific to the Campsite that are publicly displayed will form part of these regulations.

Article 2. Only those people who have the minimum necessary equipment and who are camping will be allowed to enter. Entrance will be forbidden to under 18 years olds who are not accompanied by an adult and who expressly take responsibility for the minor. (O.11/7/86- article 30.2 and 31).

Entrance will be forbidden to those people who are in debt with the Company due to previously provided services and for which the amount has not been paid in its day.

Article 3. The admittance of dogs onto the Campsite will be allowed on having the relevant permit and paying the corresponding fee. The animal must always be kept on a leash, even within the designated plot. The owners of the animal will be responsible for any damage it may cause.
Domestic animals will be allowed in the rental accommodations of the campsite that are enabled for this purpose. It will be necessary to specify this at the time of making the reservation.

Article 4. The client must prove his identity as well as that of his companions, with the documentation that, at the discretion of the Campsite management, is sufficient, and will sign the necessary registration documents. (O.11/7/86-article 32).

Article 5. The current fees are those displayed on the official sign. The prices will be applied per day in accordance with the number of nights stayed. The camping day will end at 12 noon. The minimum will be one day and departures after 12 noon will imply one more day. (O.11/7/86-article 28.2).

Article 6. The location of tents, caravans and other vehicles must be carried out within the Campsite opening hours and in the assigned places.
On the plot there can only be: one caravan, the awning, a cooking tent and the car. The location of these elements within the plot will be indicated by the campsite staff, in order to maintain a certain appearance.

Parking of the vehicle during the stay at the campsite is only authorised within the assigned plot or car park outside the campsite. Changes to location or the assigned plot must be previously authorised.

Article 7. Electricity connection must be requested on registration. The user will obligatorily have a lead with an anti-humidity handle (1000 V) and an earthed plug. Only authorised personnel may carry out the connection. Under no circumstances may the consumption exceed the maximum power permitted due to which the connection of electrical appliances that, together, exceed the requested power is forbidden, as well as the manipulation of the installation for this purpose.

Article 8. Any service provided by the Campsite that is not covered in the current tourist legislation is entirely voluntary and, therefore, may be suspended, totally or partially, at any time.

Article 9. It is recommended that within the Campsite vehicles are used as little as possible and limiting their speed to 10 km/h. Sporting use, leisure, or driving practice of any kind of vehicles are totally forbidden, particularly for motors. The person who breaches this rule will be civilly or criminally responsible for any accident which may occur.
Vehicles are forbidden from circulating, except in previously authorised emergencies, between 11 p.m. and 8 a.m. All campers who arrive or wish to depart between these times must leave their vehicle in the external campsite car park.

Article 10. Campers may obtain authorisation for relatives and/or friends to enter, under their responsibility, for a limited, and previously set, period of time, when they have handed in the accrediting identification documents and payment for the visit, if the stay is for more than one hour. The visitor is bound to comply with the rules of these Internal Regulations. Visitors must leave the area before the end of the established period of time and, under no circumstances may they stay the night unless previously registered.

Article 11. The hours of silence are between midnight and 8 a.m. During these times, the client will ensure not to make any kinds of sounds or to shout, and will adjust the volume of appliances and lighting so as not to disturb their neighbours. Chatting should be moderate from 11 p.m. to midnight.

Article 12. Washing should be hung on folding washing lines or the special caravan ones, so as not to disturb other people and to create the least visual impact possible.

Article 13. All camping activities in which children participate is the responsibility of the parents.

Article 14. Minors are at all times the responsibility of their parents or guardians, even during activities conducted in the Bassiclub. Minors must be accompanied by an adult, and may leave the activity when they wish.

Article 15. Obligations

a) To be subject to the particular rules of the Campsite management team in order to maintain the order and successful operation of the campsite.
b) Respect the existing vegetation and avoid actions or the use of elements that may damage it.
c) Respect the facilities in general, using them suitably and leaving them in conditions to be re-used, particularly the areas used by the tents.

d) Observe the logical rules of coexistence and public order, enforcing them if necessary in consideration of the peculiarities of the campsite activities.
e) Inform the Campsite management team in the event of infectious disease.
f) Collect rubbish of all kinds in closed bags, and throw them away in the containers that are found outside the campsite for this purpose.

g) Pay for the services used punctually in accordance with the established terms and conditions.
h) Leave the campsite with all personal goods at the end of the contracted stay.
i) Have an individual fire extinguisher.
j) Have third party public liability insurance.
k) Have the corresponding butane or propane gas permits.

l) Take the necessary precautions for the security of your valuables and belongings.
m) Respect the regulatory Regulations for use of the swimming pool.

Article 16. Prohibitions

a) To play games and do sports which may be dangerous or disturb the other campers.
b) Lighting any kind of fire in the area, except for the butane gas hobs or coal barbecues as long as the maximum safety measures are taken.
c) Carry out any permanent installation in the campsite: wooden awnings, metal kitchens, platforms, etc.
d) Be in possession of any kind of weapon or object which may cause accidents.
e) Leave waste outside the containers used for this purpose.
f) Install tanks, fences or awnings on the plots or any other element for which prior authorisation has not been obtained.
g) Carry out any type of acts which may damage or harm the property, hygiene or appearance of the campsite.
h) Store any type of object under the caravans.
i) Tie, nail or attach any kind of object to the trees and lampposts.
j) Park vehicles on the roadways or free plots.
k) Use the public fountains to wash the dishes.
l) Enter the toilets with the chemical toilet containers. There are special areas for their disposal. This is for hygiene reasons.
m) Clean vehicles inside the campsite.
n) Carry out planting, watering, making channels or holes,...

Article 17. Tents or caravans may not be left without occupants, unless by express authorisation of the campsite management team.

Article 18. In the event of non payment or abandonment, the Campsite management team may transfer the camping elements to a new place outside the camping area without the secure conditions offered by the campsite, in order to have the plot free and unobstructed.

Article 19. Unless other conditions are agreed, the period for payment of the amounts incurred for the stays or services will be due at the end of the day (12 noon). Consequently, at any time, payment may be demanded from the client for the due days. In special circumstances and at the management team's discretion, payment may be requested in advance.

Article 20. Campers who breach any of these Regulations will be asked to leave the campsite and, if this is not done voluntarily, will be removed by the Director, who is officially authorised to do so, for which purpose he may request, if appropriate, the help of the police forces. (O.11/7/86- article 30.2)

Article 21. The campsite company is not liable for robberies, thefts or damage of any kind of which campers and their belongings may be victim. Nor will it answer for the damage caused by fires started by the campers themselves or their goods, or those caused by atmospheric conditions or any other cause outside the Company.

Article 22. The client, by the sole fact of registering at the Campsite, states his knowledge and agrees with these Internal Regulations and all other particular rules referred to in the second paragraph of article 1.

The Management are available to help with any doubt, clarification or suggestion.
We request your help in order to enjoy a pleasant and peaceful stay.