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Bassegoda Park Bassegoda Park
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Albanyà – Lliurona – Albanyà

Time on foot: 4 hrs. Distance: 8.94 km.

A simple route to get to know the most dynamic part of Albanyà. We will walk uphill from Creu de l’Illa to the house at La Parada and then down Coll de les Arcades until we reach the plains of Lliurona. It is not an excessively complicated route, but it does have some climbs.

Torre dels Moros and Passeig de Sant Antoni

Time on foot: 45 mins. Distance: 3.04 km.

This route allows us to visit the emblematic Torre dels Moros of Sant Llorenç de la Muga. Starting from the village, we cross an iron bridge, following a trail up to the Torre dels Moros and returning via the Sant Antoni hermitage and the Passeig de Sant Antoni.


Climb to the Sant Jordi hermitage

Time on foot: 2.5 hrs. Distance: 5.62 km.

The Sant Jordi hermitage has stunning views of part of the Darnius-Boadella reservoir, the plain of the Empordà and the sea. From Sant Llorenç de la Muga itself we head towards the church along a well-signposted path, and return the same way.

Albanyà – Sant Miquel de la Cirera – Albanyà

Time on foot: 4 hours. Distance: 8 km.

This is a route quite interesting for families, although it has a moderate climb at the beginning. From Bassegoda Park, we have to take the path that go upwards to the Lliurona neighbourhood. When we almost reach the farmhouse La Parada, we take a path to the left; and to the left again, on the next crossroad. We keep following our way until we find some signs that indicate "Sant Miquel de sa Cirera" is nearby. Not so far away, we can find the little church.

Once there, and after resting a bit if necessary, we can go back. We can use the same path as before –but downwards this time– or coming back to the signs and taking the right route, until the La Trinxera zone and starting to go downhill until we reach the farmhouse La Costa, close to Albanyà and Bassegoda Park.

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Bassegoda Park – Collet de la Teia – Coll de Pincaró – Bassegoda Park

Time on foot: 4.5 hrs. Distance: 13.5 km.

Alert! This is a difficult route. It allows us to get close to the Pincaró neighborhood, first going upwards in Bassegoda peak direction, until we reach Collet de la Teia. Enjoy the views! From there, we will drop down to Pla de la Teuleria, and a bit more until we arrive at Coll de Pincaró. If we want, we can go downwards to the Pincaró neighbourhood (at the bottom of the valley). We will continue our route until we reach Bassegoda Park again, following the Muga river course.

We will have enjoyed a 13.5 km route with a moderate slope and good views of Albanyà forests and relief.

Albanyà – Pont del Bertran – Castell del Serrat – Albanyà

Time on foot: 2.5 hrs. Distance: 12 km aprox.

This route allows us to know a bit more about Albanyà's nearby architectural heritage. It does not require an excellent physical condition, even with the steep ascent at the beginning, but there are no signals and you have to be careful when the Muga river is full of water.

We start the route at Albanyà to the top of the Ferrerós mountains (to the north) and start to go down facing northwest, thus leaving Mas Ferrerós (a farmhouse) on the right. The path leads us to the Gorgues of the Muga river (natural river pools) and follows the river for a while. We keep following the path until we reach Pont del Bertran (a XIX Century’s bridge) to cross the river. There is a path to the left that leads to the Colomer del Bertran (a medieval dovecote) and, close to it, the Castell (castle) de Serrat.

We do come back until we reach the same path that we used to go downwards the Ferrerós mountains. We will take a path to the right and follows the river until reaching the Molina farm and, if we follow the path, to the Bassegoda Park.