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Bassegoda Park Bassegoda Park
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Sant Aniol d'Aguja – Albanyà

Time on foot: slightly over 5.5 hrs. Distance: 17.55 km.

Stage 41 of the GR-11 which crosses the Pyrenees, joins Sant Aniol d’Aguja, the most magical church in the Alta Garrotxa region, with Albanyà. Starting from the church, the route is dominated by the Bassegoda mountain for most of the way. We shall pass through Coll Roig and Coll de Bassegoda before dropping down to below 1,000 metres along Serra de Corsavell towards Albanyà.

Albanyà – Maçanet de Cabrenys – La Vajol

Time on foot: just under 7 hrs. Distance: 26.55 km.

Stage 42 of the GR-11 from the Pyrenees begins in Albanyà and heads north, towards Maçanet de Cabrenys and La Vajol. Heading towards Mas Ferrerós and El Coll de Palomeres, we shall pass through places such as the Sant Andreu d’Oliveda hermitage. We shall cross Maçanet and pass through Clot de Can Vinyes and the spectacular Mirador de l’Empordà until we reach La Vajol.

Albanyà – Bassegoda mountain – Albanyà

Time on foot: 8.5 hrs. Distance: 21.09 km.

Bassegoda is the most emblematic peak of the Alta Garrotxa. You can reach it from the forest path beyond Bassegoda Park, passing through Serra de Corsavell and the Sant Martí de Corsavell church. The views are splendid from the peak of the Bassegoda mountain.