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Bassegoda Park offers information and rental services for the many mountain-biking (BTT) routes nearby.

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Routes through the Bassegoda Park.

Route 7: Coll de Pincaró

Short but intense route, of great beauty, which runs through forests and limestone relief of Albanyà, in the Area of Natural Interest of the Alta Garrotxa.

Leaving the village of Albanyà following the course of the Muga towards its source, we remount the stream of Pincaró by way of Bassegoda. Plane arrived to take the Teuleria south towards the hill of Teia, where it joins the path coming down from Bassegoda and we return towards Albanyà following the stream of clot dels Ferrers.

Difficulty: Hard (Red Route).

Distance: 13.46 kilometers.

Total ascent uphill: 1044 meters.

Minimum altitude: 253 meters, max: 740 meters.

Circular: Yes.

Starting point: Welcome Point of the Mountain Bike Centre in Albanyà Camping Bassegoda Park.

Recommended Season: All year.

Trail running: If.

Signaling: In perfect condition.



Route 8: L'Alta Garrotxa

Since the Muga Albanyà go back to the brook Pincaró, we lined the climb that will take us to the foot of Mount Bassegoda, from where we will enjoy the landscape of the Empordà plain. We continue Bassegoda path to go towards San Martin de Corsavell following the route in reverse of GR -11 to return to Albanyà.

Demanding journey through the peaks of the Empordà and Garrotxa. Magnificent views.

Distance: 47.86 kilometers.

Minimum altitude: 253 meters, max 1.169metres.

Total ascent uphill: 1413 meters.

Degree of difficulty: Very difficult.

Ends at start point (loop): Yes.


Route 28: Bassegoda

Very demanding route, long lasting and significant imbalance that leads from the Empordà plain in La Garrotxa, one of the most emblematic peaks in the area, the Bassegoda, of 1,373 meters. It is a journey that requires good fitness and some experience in mountain biking.

Distance: 65.5 km.

Minimum altitude: 186 meters, max. 1108 meters.

Total ascent uphill: 2100 meters.

Degree of difficulty: Very difficult.

Ends at start point (loop): Yes.

Itinerary: We leave Lladó in the direction of Pujol, to take the same route Routes 26 and 27. We leave Route 26 to the Puig de Mont on our right. A little further down from here we spliced ​​with Route 27 again to cross the Manol. From here we will make a smooth ascent to the Sierra de Oliva. Collet pass the Cherry and continue to climb the Puig of Albanyà leaving to our left. We began to descend to the village of Albanyà and there spend near the source of the Carabinieri and the Camping Bassegoda Park. From there we follow the route no. 8 to cross before reaching the Puig d'en Fàbregues. We pass through the Collet del Raso and Coll de Bassegoda and we return to the junction with route no. 8 to Collada de Can Nou, to the Source of Can Nou. We will make our way back through the Fuente del Bac, the Champs de Guardiola and continue the path leaving to our left the chapel of San Benito. From here we follow the GR-2 to return to Lladó.


MTB routes Consortium Salines Bassegoda.


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