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The GR-11 is the hiking trail that runs all along the Pyrenees without reaching its highest peaks. The path links the Mediterranean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean by tracing the south side of the mountain range, parallel to the French GR-10. Due to the steep climbs and drops it passes through, the GR-11 is considered the most difficult of the GRs but also the most beautiful, according to many trekkers.  You can find more information by visiting the following websites:

Stage 19 : Sant Aniol d'Aguja - Albanyà
Time : 5:35h

Distance : 18,780km

Counties : Garrotxa - Alt Empordà

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Sant Aniol d'Aguja
Stage 20 : Albanyà - Maçanet de Cabrenys - La Vajol
Time : 6:55h
Distance : 25,820km
Counties : Alt Empordà
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GR-11: Albanyà - Maçanet de Cabrenys

Time: 5h

Distance: 14 Km.



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Other walks you can do are:

Lliurona from Albanyà

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Bassegoda (1.373 m) from Albanyà

Distance: 23.35 km.

Time: 3 hours. 45 min climb

Difference: 1140 m.

Starting point: 250 m.

Highest point: 1370 m.

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Natural way of the Muga

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Albanyà - Coll del Bassegoda per bac i soleil

Difficulty: high

Distance: 23,75 km (17,95km the short trail).

Accum. upward slope: 1.097 m

Time approx.: 9h (6h the short trail).

Marked: One part (GR11 and Itinerànnia).

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Albanyà- Sant Feliu de Carbonills - Sant Bartomeu de Pincaró - Albanyà

Difficulty: medium

Distance: 21,25 km.

Accum. upward slope: 719 m

Time approx.: 10 h

Marked: one part ( BTT, Itinerannia, Muga trail).

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Torre dels moros i passeig de Sant Antoni

Dificultat: Fàcil

Distància: 3,5 km

Desnivell: 116 m

Temps aprox: 45 minuts

Senyalitzat: No


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Pujada a la ermita de Sant Jordi

Distancia: 5 kilómetros

Dificultad: media

Desnivel: 514 metros

Señalizado: Si, con marca de pintura amarilla y señalización vertical

Tiempo aprox de ida: 45 minutos hasta Sant Jordi y 20 minutos más hasta Sant Ponç.

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Itinerànnia: Net of paths

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