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Bassegoda Park is naturally unique! Above all, our essence is to contribute to the land and lives of our guests in a positive way. And that is only achieved in two ways: through respect and harmony with people, and through respect and harmony with nature and the environment.

People and children, children and people

Children are the stars at Bassegoda Park. The children’s activities we offer are designed so that they leave the campsite as wiser, better people. Our activities and workshops never include politics or religion. The activities are also designed to be done as a family, to forge bonds, learn together through play, etc. Our themes always aim for personal, healthy and responsible growth!

Furthermore, at Bassegoda Park we understand our social commitment is unconditional. This is why we collaborate with the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation and the Altem Foundation, as well as organising the “Conviure amb Capacitats” [Living with Abilities] weekend at the campsite every year.


Respect and admiration for the environment!

The natural surroundings of the Bassegoda Park are fascinating, and we are the first to want to look after it! We are fully committed to reducing our ecological footprint:

We are the first automated campsite in Catalonia and Spain.
We have worked to maximise our energy efficiency.
We have reduced night-time light pollution to the minimum so as not to harm the surrounding flora and fauna.
 We have also reduced noise pollution in our facilities, and have installed signs around the campsite to remind everyone of the importance of silence and tranquillity.
The main washroom area uses biomass fuel.
The campsite cleaning cars are electric.
The water treatment system does not use chemical products and is 100% bacteriological.
The electrical energy we use at the campsite comes from 100% renewable sources.

Respect for the environment and nature is in our DNA!


Observatori Astronòmic Albanyà

The Observatori Astronòmic Albanyà shares the philosophy of Bassegoda Park. For this reason, it has created a grant programme in which, after an intensive astronomy course for various Baccalaureate students from the Alt Empordà region, one of them forms part of a Shelios science expedition, which studies dark skies around the world every summer. Every year we train future astronomers!

Furthermore, not only is it a centre promoting astronomy to the general public, it is also a scientific research and communication centre: it publishes and is part of international astronomical research studies and collaborates with NASA.